Friday, 7 November 2014

How to Send a Message to All Your Facebook Friends

Send Message to all Facebook Friends using One Click 2015

If you wanna send sms or message to you all Facebook friends using one click one by one than its so hard and also so time
wasting, If you will try to send one by one its may be get one minute or half minute, But using our method you can easily
send your total friends by one click, Really its amazing, Many people also don't know and many users are always send me
massage for this method or code, Finally many use i get this code for you,

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How to Massage to all Facebook friends ina click
* First, you open Mozilla
Firefox,google chrome etc.
* Now Must login with your
Facebook Account.
* Now Simple Press Control +
Shift + K,Shift+Ctrl+J
* Now Click on Console and Past This code using Ctrl + V
* Now, You will see a Popup window like the screen shot.
* Just type your message there and done.
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